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Free e-mail, mail and web site hosting
Free e-mail
Server Adress @domain Observations Active
Gmail.com 1- 3 Gb
Yahoo Mail 1Gb
Microsoft - Hotmail 3 Mb
AltaVista Mail 5 Mb
NetAddress 5 Mb/free service down
Everyone Nethttp://www.everyone.net22 000 host adressSpace 6 Mb
AmExMail 5 Mb
HanMail 5 Mb
Byte 5 Mb
MailCity 5 Mb
MailStart 5 Mb
SuperNews 5 Mb
Rocketmail 5 Mb
StarMail 5 Mb
LatinMail 5 Mb
Email 5 Mb
Juno 5 Mb
Postmaster 5 Mb
CyberSpace 5 Mb
Indocities 5 Mb
FriendE-Mail 5 Mb
Netscape Mail 5 Mb
Apexmail 5 Mb
Mail com + 97 domainsSpace 5 Mb
MailSurf 5 Mb
LabaLaba com 5 Mb
Ambalam com 5 Mb
Vol VNN vn 5 Mb
Romanian free email servers
Posta ro + cca 80 subdomenii funnySpace 2.5 Gb
Email ro @koloszvar.roSpace 5 Mb
Kappa Mail Server 5 Mb
Romania on line 10Mb
Post ro 10 Mb, singurul serviciu de e-mail din Romania care ofera posibilitatea programarii expedierii unui mesaj
CyberSpace ro
TopMail ro 5 Mb
SuntStudent com 6 Mb
Click ro 5 Mb
Bumerang ro @bizmail.roSpace 10 Mb
Acasa ro 6 Mb
OpsyMail 2 Mb
Net89 Mail DNTIS ro 5 Mb
Gaseste zzn com 5 Mb
RomHost com 6 Mb
AS.ro 10Mb
AtlasTelecom 25Mb
Free web site hosting
Server Adress Space (Mb) Scripts access Others Your website address, ads Active
Mx HOST, MySQLFTP, 2Gb bandwidth
Homesteadhttp://www.homestead.com16 FTP uploadsubdomain, frame bottom
Geocitieshttp://www.geocities.com15 FTP upload/you, removable baner
AOL Editor online/dir/dir/you, banner
CJBhttp://www.cjb.net50SSI, Perl5, cgi-binFTP uploadsubdomain, pop-up
Virtual Avenuehttp://www.virtualave.net50SSI, Perl5, cgi-bin, PHP4FTP uploadsubdomain, 2 pop-ups
Fortunecityhttp://www.fortunecity.com15 browser upload/you, banner
Tripod UK, MySQLFTP upload/~you, banner
Tripod UShttp://www.tripod.com15cgi, cgi-binFTP upload, editor onlinesubdomain, pop-up
Freeservershttp://www.freeservers.com20SSIFTP uploadsubdomain 15 options, banner
Spreehttp://www.spree.comunlimited  /you, banner
FreeWebSiteshttp://www.freewebsites.com50SSIFTP uploadsubdomain, banner
Free 2 Surf Nethttp://www.f2s.com20PHP4, cgi-bin, Perl5, SSI, .htaccessMySQL/PostgresSQL DataBase - 5 Mb, no ads, FTP uploadsubdomain, no ads (free service is down)
DK3http://www.dk3.comunlimited, 50MbPHP4, Perl5, cgi-bin, Python, .htaccess, SSI, WAPMySQL Database - unlimited, FTP upload, unlimited bandwidthsubdomain, removable banner X={ ,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9} (free service temporary no scripting)
WebHost4u Sinfreehttp://webhost4u.sinfree.net700PHP4,Perl5, SSI, WAP, SSL, Shell, .htaccess,x2, XML,ASPFTP upload, browser upload, MySQL Database, Microsoft IIS, MS Front Page, RealAudio and RealVideo support unlimited bandwidth/you, no ads free domain hosting (down)
Dementedhttp://www.demented.org10PHP4, Perl5, .htaccess, SSHFTP upload, MySQL Databasesubdomain, no ads /~you (free service no scripting)
NetFirmshttp://www.netfirms.com25Perl5, cgiFTP upload, MySQL Database, limited number of cgi execution, 1 Gb/ month bandwidthsubdomain, banner
Free ProHostinghttp://free.prohosting.com50Perl5,cgi, PHP4 .htaccess FTP upload, MySQL Database, unlimited bandwidth/~you, banner and pop-up
T35http://www.t35.comunlimitedPHP4,SSIFTP upload, browser, unlimited bandwidthsubdomain, pop-up free domain hosting
CoolFreePageshttp://www.coolfreepages.com50PHP4FTP upload, unlimited bandwidthsubdomain (3 options), pop-up
Vr9http://www.vr9.com5PHP4,Perl5, .htaccessFTP upload,MySQL Databasesubdomain, pop-up (down)
MultiMania/Tripod frhttp://www.multimania.comunlimitedPHP4UFTP upload,MySQL Databasesubdomain, temporary banner
Tripod co uk upload,MySQL Database/you, banner
Tripod dehttp://www.tripod.de50PHP4UFTP upload,MySQL Database/you, banner
Tripod ithttp://www.tripod.it50PHP4UFTP upload,MySQL Database/you, banner
XUGhttp://www.xug.net30+PHP4, .htaccessFTP upload, MySQL Database, 5Gb bandwidthsubdomain, pop-up temporary
PHP50http://www.php50.com50Perl5, PHP4, SSIBrowser upload/you, pop-up temporary
4Gigshttp://www.4gigs.com15PHP4, Perl5, cgi, Python, RubyFTP upload, Control Panelsubdomain, textlink
Bekanntseinhttp://www.bekanntsein.de20PHP4, Perl5, cgi, SSIFTP, WebFTP, MySQL via PHPMyAdmin or via shell account, 1Gb bandwidth, perl debuggersubdomain
CDI Webhttp://www.cdiweb.us500PHP4FTP Upload, unlimited bandwidthsubdomain, free domain hosting
Able Internet, cgiFTP, 50 Mb monthly bandwidth/you, no ads, free domain hosting
7Hosthttp://www.7host.com50 FTP/you
FateBackhttp://www.fateback.com60 FTPmultiple subdomains, fast, no ads
Brinksterhttp://www.brinkster.com30ASP3.0 Browser upload, 500 Mb monthly bandwdth, MS Access Database /you, ads
Host sk PHP4FTP upload, MySQL Database, shell subdomain, no ads
Free domain and subdomain forwarding (Special subdomain registration)
Eu org domainallSpecial subdomain[country_code]
ZA org domainallSpecial subdomainhttp://[www]
Romanian Free WebHosting
AS.ro, MySQLFTP upload, PHPMyAdmin
3x.rohttp://www.3x.ro100PHP4, MySQLFTP uploadhttp://[www]
Free Page, MySQLFTP upload
AtlasTelecomhttp://www.atlastelecom.ro25PHP4, MySQLFTP upload
Webmania rohttp://www.webmania.ro20FTP upload(down)
Home rohttp://www.home.ro15MS FrontPage extensionFTP upload, Site Builderhttp://[www] http://[www]
RomHost comhttp://www.romhost.com20(down)FTP upload (service is down)
Romania on linehttp://www.rol.ro10 No ads, FTP upload
Etopia rohttp://www.etopia.ro16PHP, Perl, cgi-bin, SSI, .htaccessPostgressSQL DataBase Inscrierea prin email ! FTP upload domain (temporary down)
CyberSpacehttp://www.cyberspace.ro10  http://[www]
WebCabhttp://www.webcab.ro40Perl5, cgi-bin, .htaccess, C, shell, ASPPostgresSQL DataBase, FTP upload (temporary down)
Edison rohttp://www.edison.ro15 FTP upload (srvice down)
FreeHosthttp://www.freehost.ro12FTP upload
RHPhttp://www.rhp.ro12? Browser upload, Site Builder
Romanian free domain and subdomain forwarding (Special subdomain registration)
Romania orghttp://www.romania.orgDNS subdomainallSpecial subdomain
Ro.Eu org / romanian delegation of EU.org subdomainallSpecial subdomain

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